What We Do

Elysian Financial Services is designed to cater for individuals and SMEs who prefer to outsource financial planning and accountancy as they cannot sensibly afford to have a full-time finance director. 

We are intentionally flexible, as we understand that no two businesses have the exact same requirements and that needs evolve as businesses grow. In essence, we offer a ‘pick & mix’ from full service ‘everything to do with starting up and running the business to part service where the client prefers to handle certain aspects of the finance function, such as payroll or VAT, while Elysian handles other aspects like personal or corporate taxation.

Our core services incorporate:

  • Start-ups and business planning
  • Operational accounting assistance, including VAT, PAYE etc
  • Development of reporting systems for management
  • Generation of management accounts and cash flow reports
  • Production of year-end financial statements and tax returns
  • Mergers and acquisition reviews
  • One-off “critical friend” reviews
  • Internal audits
  • Compliance reviews and recommendations
  • Practical training to enable clients to gradually assume formerly outsourced functions.

Elysian Financial Service does not carry out statutory audits.

When carrying out compliance reviews, particularly in the insurance industry, Elysian  collaborates with specialist compliance consultant Belinos Consulting Limited