Who We Are

Elysian Finance Services was established in 1992 by Roger Ingles FCA, a chartered accountant with some 40 years post qualification experience in finance, accountancy and insurance. Today, Roger still personally manages all Elysian’s client relationships.

From the outset, Roger’s aim has been to help freelancers, interims, start-up companies and SMEs to thrive. He achieves that by taking care of the financial side of their respective businesses, freeing them up to focus their time and attention on the commercial side – operations, sales, marketing and customer service. Working in close partnership with clients, Roger’s financial stewardship helps guide the development of their businesses as well as handling the day-to-day finance and accounting needs. His approach is not just transactional, but transformational.

In establishing Elysian, Roger’s philosophy was to adapt the professional insights and high standards learned from a career in the City to the needs of the myriad of small businesses and personal enterprises that are so vital to the UK economy.

It was from his pursuit of excellence that Elysian was born: 

Elysian (/ɪˈlɪzɪən), adjective: “being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the Gods”.

This is how Princeton University defines Elysian in its lexical database of English. It provides inspiration for the way we work. At Elysian, we focus on excellence and seek to provide a unique and exclusive service to each and every client. While our aspiration may be lofty, we keep our feet firmly on the ground in terms of practical advice to keep your business moving forward.