Who We Work With

Based just outside London, near Gatwick airport, we have an international portfolio of clients both locally, within the City and in Europe.

Typically, the clients we work with and corresponding services provide fall into four categories:

Individuals eg. Freelancers, interims, contractors
With the gig economy becoming a growing part of the working lives of many people, it is important to understand how this impacts on personal taxation. In particular the spectre of !R35 and disguised employment are considerations which we can help with, in addition to more routine accounting and tax filing services.

Established small businesses
Maintaining or reviewing accounting records, completion of VAT returns (if relevant), personal and company tax returns. The role would involve a lot of hand-holding, explaining things that need to be done, and help with other business functions such as importing and exporting (which will get more complex post Brexit).

Providing the “finance director functionality” of critical friend, planning and so on, as well as supplying what operational aspects the SME needs such as bookkeeping, day to day accounting, VAT, payroll, business taxes, shareholder taxes etc, plus other specific regulatory functionality where required.

Assisting with choosing your business structure (self-employment, company, LLP etc), all aspects of business planning, projections, budgets, cash flows, VAT registration and establishing bank accounts.

Elysian tends to specialise in certain industry sectors, allowing us to gain a greater understanding of the business context, rather than just the financial aspects. These areas include:

  • Insurance – underwriting agencies, brokers and other service providers
  • Artists, photographers and other creatives
  • TV and film industry
  • Architecture and property development
  • IT contractors and tech sector
  • Charities
  • Agriculture.